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Regal Resources Limited is an ASX listed (ASX:RER) minerals company focused on the identification, acquisition, development and operation of high grade copper and cobalt projects in the Katangan Copperbelt of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”).

The Company has acquired significant interest in a portfolio of permits that collectively cover some 350sq km of a highly prospective part of the western Katangan Copperbelt. At Kalongwe, the Company’s flagship project, a near surface oxide resource of 302,000t contained Cu at an average grade of 2.72% Cu that also includes 42,000t contained Co has been delineated.

Regal has released the results of a Scoping Study for the Kalongwe Cu-Co Project. The study outcomes are highly positive and indicate the strong economic viability for developing a stand-alone, low CAPEX, open pit mining operation. Refer to ASX announcements on 21 April 2015 and 3 June 2016 for further details.

Regal is currently focused on fast tracking the development of the Kalongwe Project and on drill testing high priority exploration targets already identified on its other permits so as to build a substantial resource base.

Sustainable Development

Whilst there is no formal requirement under the DRC Mining Code for Regal Resources to carry out a corporate and social responsibility program during its exploration phase, Regal Resources is firmly committed to creating an operation that adheres to global best practices in these areas.


As such, the Company spent a considerable portion of 2013 designing a social program that not only promotes good relationships with the local communities now, as exploration is carried out, but also sustainable development through the entire life of its projects in the DRC and beyond.

The Company is in the process of setting up the “Regal Foundation” to deliver this program.



Latest Announcements

2016-09-29 Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement 2016-09-29 Annual Report 2016-09-23 Regal commences DFS and exploration 2016-08-12 Appointment of CEO/Executive Director 2016-08-11 Top 20 securityholders 2016-08-09 Rights Issue Completed 2016-07-29 Quarterly Cashflow Report 2016-07-29 Quarterly Activities Report 2016-07-28 Director resignation 2016-07-07 Satisfaction of Transaction Completion 2016-07-04 Prospectus 2016-06-30 Results of GM 2016-06-29 EGM Claim Update 2016-06-24 Ceasing to be substantial 2016-06-16 Rights Issue Update 2016-06-15 Change of office 2016-06-09 Legal Proceedings 2016-06-03 Scoping study update 2016-05-30 Notice of Meeting 2016-05-27 Change in substantial 2016-05-11 Change in substantial 2016-05-11 Ceasing to be substantial 2016-04-29 Quarterly Activities Report 2016-04-22 Notice of initial substantial holder 2016-04-21 ASX grants listing rule waiver 2016-04-20 Acquisition and financing update 2016-04-01 Change of external auditor 2016-03-07 Director appointment 2016-02-26 – Kalongwe Mining Update 2016-01-29 Quarterly Activities Report 2016-01-19 Director resignation 2015-12-18 - Corporate Update 2015-12-18 - Funding Update 2015-11-30 - Results of 2015 AGM 2015-11-26 - Financing update 2015-10-30 - Quarterly Report (for period ended 30 September 2015) 2015-10-29 - Kalongwe Mining Licence granted 2015-10-02 - Appointment of Pat Holywell (CFO) 2015-10-01 - App 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 2015-10-01 - Annual Report (for period ended 30 June 2015) 2015-09-30 - Cleansing Notice - Tembo Fees 2015-09-30 - Appendix 3B - Placement - Tembo Fees 2015-09-14 - Results of General Meeting held 14 Sept 2015 2015-08-13 - Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form 2015-08-03 - Quarterly Report (for period ended 30 June 2015) 2015-07-31 - Kalongwe Mining Permit Conversion Update 2015-06-18 - Form 604 (Paragon Fund) 2015-06-16 - Company Presentation @ Australian Copper Conference 2015 (Brisbane, Australia) 2015-06-10 - Final Director's Interest Notice - Rohan Gillespie 2015-06-10 - Final Director's Interest Notice - Angus Edgar 2015-06-10 - Notice of Board Changes 2015-06-09 - Form 604 (Leopard Titanium Pty Ltd) 2015-05-28 - Regal Secures $1,5M Convertible Note 2015-05-25 - Form 603, Notice of initial substantial holder (Leopard Titanium Ltd) 2015-05-14 - Regal Corporate Presentation @ RIU Resources Round-up, Sydney (Australia) 2015-04-30 - Change in Corporate Office 2015-04-30 - Quarterly Report (period ended 31 March 2015) 2015-04-24 - Regal-Ivanhoe JV - Clarification Announcement 2015-04-22 - Regal-Ivanhoe Joint Venture (Katangan Copperbelt, DRC) 2015-04-21 - Kalongwe Project - Delivers Significant Scoping Study Outcomes 2015-03-31 - Change of interest of substantial holder - Paragon Fund 2015-02-19 - Appointment of Dr Peter Ruxton as Non-Executive Director & Appendix 3B 2015-02-12 - Form 603, Notice of initial substantial holder 2015-02-12 - Cleansing Notice 2015-02-12 - Appendix 3B 2015-02-12 - Completion of Share Placement, AUD 1.2M Funding Received 2015-02-06 - Company Presentation at GMP Mining Jamboree (South Africa) 2015-02-05 - Updated JORC Resource Estimate for Kalongwe Cu-Co Project 2015-02-03 - Tembo Capital Mining Fund strategic capital raising 2015-02-02 - Quarterly Report (period ended 31 December 2014) 2015-01-30 - Kalongwe Phase II final drill results - clarification announcement 2015-01-30 - Kalongwe Phase II final drill results - multiple high grade intersects 2015-01-21 - Appointment of Company Secretary Ian Pamensky
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